11 New Perfect – Ed Sheeran CapCut Templates Link [2023]

444is [LDR] is very popular short video creator. recently he shared Perfect – Ed Sheeran CapCut Template, We found this template so awesome so that in todays Article we have 11 popular Perfect – Ed Sheeran CapCut Templates.

One of the famous capcut video is 444is [LDR] ‘s template. It has over 389 Likes so far. It has been used for more than 6.28K times.

Now, let’s get into Perfect – Ed Sheeran Capcut Templates. Here is the list of 11 most viral Capcut Templates we managed to collect.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

This 444is [LDR] ‘s capcut template got over 389 likes and it is been used over 6.28K times.
Uploader 444is [LDR]
Uses 6.28K
Likes 389
Length 00:15
Clips 3

Perfect – Ed Sheeran Template #2

This Nuel ‘s capcut template got over 1.27K likes and it is been used over 4.8K times.
Uploader Nuel
Uses 4.8K
Likes 1.27K
Length 00:12
Clips 3

Perfect- Ed Sheeran

This IndahGummanema[LDR] ‘s capcut template got over 560 likes and it is been used over 12.77K times.
Uploader IndahGummanema[LDR]
Uses 12.77K
Likes 560
Length 00:20
Clips 3


This 𝐃𝐚𝐰𝐨𝐧 𝐊𝐢𝐦 ‘s capcut template got over 25.31K likes and it is been used over 71.86K times.
Uploader 𝐃𝐚𝐰𝐨𝐧 𝐊𝐢𝐦
Uses 71.86K
Likes 25.31K
Length 00:19
Clips 6

Perfect Song

This GassFYP_UM ‘s capcut template got over 277 likes and it is been used over 6.18K times.
Uploader GassFYP_UM
Uses 6.18K
Likes 277
Length 00:32
Clips 14

Perfect- Edsheeran

This JB Charelle Eglesia ‘s capcut template got over 9.61K likes and it is been used over 80.77K times.
Uploader JB Charelle Eglesia
Uses 80.77K
Likes 9.61K
Length 00:23
Clips 1

Perfect X Ed Sheeran

This ur man ‘s capcut template got over 932 likes and it is been used over 8.97K times.
Uploader ur man
Uses 8.97K
Likes 932
Length 00:09
Clips 4

Perfect- Ed Sheeran

This cupcake 🧁 ‘s capcut template got over 355 likes and it is been used over 20.29K times.
Uploader cupcake 🧁
Uses 20.29K
Likes 355
Length 00:11
Clips 12

Perfect – Ed Sheeran Template #9

This ʀʜɴ ‘s capcut template got over 48.9K likes and it is been used over 63.32K times.
Uploader ʀʜɴ
Uses 63.32K
Likes 48.9K
Length 00:09
Clips 2

Perfect/Ed Sheeran

This [PL] Owishi👾 ‘s capcut template got over 78 likes and it is been used over 3.35K times.
Uploader [PL] Owishi👾
Uses 3.35K
Likes 78
Length 00:36
Clips 1

Perfect_ed Sheeran

This ezra ‘s capcut template got over 1.78K likes and it is been used over 26.06K times.
Uploader ezra
Uses 26.06K
Likes 1.78K
Length 00:16
Clips 1

How to use Perfect – Ed Sheeran CapCut Template?

Assuming that you have already installed the latest version of capcut App in your device.

  • Preview and make your decision about any of the Perfect – Ed Sheeran capcut templates.
  • You will find “Use This Template” button below your favorite Capcut Template.
  • Click on the button.
  • You will be redirected to capcut App Directly.
  • Now, you will see “Use This Template” in CapCut app, click on it.
  • Finally, all the presets, audio files, etc are loaded. you can now edit them with your own clips.

That’s it, You have managed to use the new Perfect – Ed Sheeran capcut template in your video. I hope you like the collection of Perfect – Ed Sheeran templates.


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